The Forest Bride

The Forest BrideComing August 1st

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He broke her heart years ago. Now she desperately needs his help. . .

When her escort party is ambushed, Lady Margaret Keith is desperate to rescue her young charge, the Scottish king’s daughter, and find a stolen seeing-stone. An archery contest offers the opportunity she needs. Dressed as a lad, she accidentally wounds a lord, escapes into the forest, and is caught by the local justiciar—the man who left her heartbroken years ago.

After years in English custody, Sir Duncan Campbell is now a Scottish judge. Recognizing Margaret despite her disguise, aware she knows he unlawfully hides the English king’s gyrfalcon, he spirits her away to his Highland castle. There she reveals an unbelievable tale of a missing princess and a faery stone and begs his help. Even as passion rekindles between them, forgiveness is elusive. Yet when danger erupts, they must trust each other—and gamble that love will mend past hurts and save the future . . .